The statistically best places to use a free spins bonus

Signing up to an online casino and accepting their promotional offer is an exciting moment for most casino players. No deposit free spin bonuses maximise the entertainment aspect and the excitement felt by the players. However, no deposit casino users should not let this excitement affect the thought processes. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment, but in order to make the most of the free spins no deposit bonus at hand; a player should do their best to keep a level head.  Researching the games before playing and insuring that you are aware of the terms and conditions in place are the best ways to approach your free spins no deposit bonus. A good place to find info on free spins promotions is UK’s leading bonus guide!

The variety of casino games made available online ensure that every type of player can find a game that best suits them, whether this is the more traditional 3-reel slot games or a modern video slot games. Regardless of the presentation of the game, the player should always focus on the statistics made available. It is this statistics, that when researched properly, will allow a player a full understanding of the gaming options made available.

The three top slot games of 2015, based on statistics were Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck 2, and Burning Desire, with each delivering plentiful free spins potential.


In 2015, the biggest win on Thunderstruck was a single payout of $758,000.  Although this payout was not as large as the one experienced from Thunderstruck’s sequel, it is still a large amount for one individual to win. For those who prefer original games, and do not wish to engage with the sequel, this would be the perfect pick for your free spins no deposit required bonus.

Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 offers payouts that are far higher than your average online slot game. A player called Masis S managed to win over $850,000 on this particular title, taking home what looks to be a life changing sum in the process. Whilst this seems like a high amount to win, it was his fourth big win on this particular game, which gives credit to his overall persistence. When you accept a free spins no deposit required bonus, Thunderstruck 2 should definitely be a game to consider.

Burning Desire

Burning Desire paid out one of the biggest jackpots won in any online casino game ever during 2015. This game paid out an amazing $949,000 in a single jackpot win. However, the downfall of this game is the low chances offered to win. Casino users who want to put their free spins bonus to the test best play this game.

With such a large amount of games available within the online casino market, it can be difficult to know which games are best to play. The three games listed above are the best games to play judging by statistics available at the time this article was written. However, it is still recommended that casino players look into the statistics themselves prior laying down a free spins bonus on the table.

If you are looking to find free spins bonuses at casino bonus guides, then we highly recommend that you use them on the games mentioned above. Reason being that they will give you a higher chance of turning your bonus into real money.

Famous cases that prove that casino cheaters never prosper

It is something that all online casino players are going to encounter at one point or another when gaming at a casino online, as cheating is an industry wide problem. Sadly, it seems that more and more online casino players are turning towards cheating, as they see it as a way to guarantee victory. While cheating at online casino games can seem fool proof, it really is anything but.

In what can be a treacherous and deceitful road, should you get caught you could find yourself in a world of trouble. You aren’t the first person to contemplate cheating at an online casino and you won’t be the last, but it is only right that you know about what happened to the cheaters that have come before you.

Before continuing with this article, we’d like to state that we promote responsible gaming. This means that both the casino and the player should follow the rules, and we do not encourage cheating in any way. You can read more about responsible gambling at

Tony Ahn

It seems that even online casino geniuses can’t quite figure out how to cheat at an online casino an actually get away with it. But that didn’t stop Tony Ahn trying his hand at it, albeit at a land-based casino. The now former casino employee put together a plan with current employees to beat the casino through illicit means. His target was the slot machines at hand, with employees turning a blind eye; he was able to manipulate the games available in his favour. However, following initial success his efforts turned sour when he was caught and subsequently sent to prison.

Phil Ivey

If the Tony Ahn story was locally circulated on online casino portals, the Phil Ivey cheating story was worldwide news. Given the fact that he is already one of the biggest poker names in the world you would have thought that he would be above cheating. Clearly he wasn’t, as he worked alongside the dealer at The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa to cheat the game through the abuse of subtle card defects. He was eventually sued for $9.6 million after being caught. While cheating at poker at an online casino is pretty difficult, it is much easier at a land-based casino, but as this story proves it certainly isn’t worth doing.

Archie Karas

Arguably the most famous cheating story of all-time, and one that is still discussed by casino online players today, is the tale of Archei Karas. The man who has won it all and subsequently lost it all, he turned an initial $50 into a life changing $40 million over the course of just three years. At 62 years old, Karas was widely considered a legend and earned the admiration of online casino players the world over, but that would change. It turns out that some of Karas’ wins had come illegally, as he was eventually caught marking cards. A San Diego District Attorney conviction later and Karas is facing 3 years probation with his reputation that lying in tatters.

Bruce Koloshi

In what probably qualifies as the most creative way to cheat, Bruce Koloshi wrote his name into casino history when he decided to mark cards with invisible ink. Eventually the CCTV cameras at an online casino would catch him out, bringing his run of cheating to an end. He may be considered to be one of the most sophisticated casino cheats of all time, but that hasn’t stopped him from escaping the long arm of the law.

Lessons Learned

You may be tempted to be an online casino cheat, but don’t ever succumb to such temptation. Because if you do you have to be prepared to face the consequences like the names mentioned above have done. It’s better to take advantage of the many casino bonuses available at online casino guides, which already give you a slight advantage over the casino, and as long as you play within the rules, you won’t ever risk getting into trouble.

What are the best types of casino online bonuses?

One of the main reasons people like to play at online casinos is for the bonuses. What are these bonuses I here you ask? Well think about someone handing you money to try out an item. Imagine that this person was giving this to you and you can walk away whenever you like with whatever purchases you make. That same principle can be applied to casino bonuses, meaning that they are something worth getting excited about. However, one important tip before we get started that I must mention. When you check out the bonuses in the casino you are thinking about joining, make sure you read the fine print. There may be some requirements regarding bonus use, so practice good research. With that being said, let’s get this show on the road and look at what are the best types of casino online bonus.

There is one bonus that is quite special, as it is associated with a very popular game format when it comes to online casinos. The game genre is question is casino slots, with the bonus being free spins. Slot games work by spinning reels, with players need to landing payline in order to win. These free spins are provided to you in order to try out various slot games and make some money without risking your own.

Another popular casino online bonus, which is one of the best bonuses a casino can offer, is the no deposit bonus. This deposit is a dream come true for many people who may be a bit hesitant when it comes to trying out a casino. What this bonus does is allow people to play for free without putting any money into games of interest. In such instances a casino is giving you money to try out any game that takes your fancy. If you do not like the games you play when a no deposit bonus is in effect it really is a case of no harm, no foul. You can walk away at any time and try another casino online game that is applicable for use with the bonus.

One bonus that is making waves and becoming more prominent is the matched deposit bonus. The matched deposit bonus has been featured more often due to players abusing the system with regards to no deposit bonuses. That is unfortunate, but they have come up with a way to remedy the problem and make it worthwhile. That is what the matched deposit bonus is. It is a win-win for both the online casino and the player. If a casino is offering a 100% matched deposit bonus, then you will get double your money from the start to play with. Of course, it is capped up to a certain amount, but it is better than getting no bonus at all. What’s even better is that some casino online websites offer a monthly or weekly bonus based upon similar terms. Should you stick around, you may find more free money to play with sliding into your account.

These are some of the best casino online bonuses that an online casino can offer. When you search the web to find the casino for you, make sure you review what bonuses they offer. You do not want to lose out on an easy way to make free money by not doing some quick research. Use a review site when looking, as this ensures that the casino you are thinking about joining is safe and secure. As always, make sure you practice some diligence by checking out the requirements set in order to claim that bonus. From there it is all about lining your pockets with as much free cash as possible.