The statistically best places to use a free spins bonus

Signing up to an online casino and accepting their promotional offer is an exciting moment for most casino players. No deposit free spin bonuses maximise the entertainment aspect and the excitement felt by the players. However, no deposit casino users should not let this excitement affect the thought processes. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment, but in order to make the most of the free spins no deposit bonus at hand; a player should do their best to keep a level head.  Researching the games before playing and insuring that you are aware of the terms and conditions in place are the best ways to approach your free spins no deposit bonus. A good place to find info on free spins promotions is UK’s leading bonus guide!

The variety of casino games made available online ensure that every type of player can find a game that best suits them, whether this is the more traditional 3-reel slot games or a modern video slot games. Regardless of the presentation of the game, the player should always focus on the statistics made available. It is this statistics, that when researched properly, will allow a player a full understanding of the gaming options made available.

The three top slot games of 2015, based on statistics were Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck 2, and Burning Desire, with each delivering plentiful free spins potential.


In 2015, the biggest win on Thunderstruck was a single payout of $758,000.  Although this payout was not as large as the one experienced from Thunderstruck’s sequel, it is still a large amount for one individual to win. For those who prefer original games, and do not wish to engage with the sequel, this would be the perfect pick for your free spins no deposit required bonus.

Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 offers payouts that are far higher than your average online slot game. A player called Masis S managed to win over $850,000 on this particular title, taking home what looks to be a life changing sum in the process. Whilst this seems like a high amount to win, it was his fourth big win on this particular game, which gives credit to his overall persistence. When you accept a free spins no deposit required bonus, Thunderstruck 2 should definitely be a game to consider.

Burning Desire

Burning Desire paid out one of the biggest jackpots won in any online casino game ever during 2015. This game paid out an amazing $949,000 in a single jackpot win. However, the downfall of this game is the low chances offered to win. Casino users who want to put their free spins bonus to the test best play this game.

With such a large amount of games available within the online casino market, it can be difficult to know which games are best to play. The three games listed above are the best games to play judging by statistics available at the time this article was written. However, it is still recommended that casino players look into the statistics themselves prior laying down a free spins bonus on the table.

If you are looking to find free spins bonuses at casino bonus guides, then we highly recommend that you use them on the games mentioned above. Reason being that they will give you a higher chance of turning your bonus into real money.